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We at Your Country Club realize that most catered affairs are a once in a lifetime occasion.  With this in mind, we, the owners and staff, will do our utmost to make your occasion a memorable one.

Elegance, cleanliness, gourmet food, good drink and music combined with polite, attentive service, is what
we at Your Country Club strive for.



Thank you for considering Your Country Club.

- Customized Menus & Cocktail Receptions are also available -

General Information

Enjoy your special occasion in our elegant setting, with breathtaking views of mountains, streams and lakes. We have taken advantage of our 14 acre setting by capturing and combining the beauty of the outdoors with the very sophisticated elegance of our beautiful banquet room.

We stress the three most important and obvious aspects; atmosphere, cuisine and entertainment. At YCC, we are proud to boast that only the finest, freshest food will be used throughout our entire menu. The owner is also the chef! Only one affair a day! You won't find such personalized service anywhere! Truly a rare find!

Affordably priced from $48 - $78 per person.

 Deluxe Package
Superior Package 
An Elegant Affair


 Local Time: 9/20/2021 3:51 pm EST Contact Your Country Club: sales@memfirst.com 
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