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History of the Northern TWI League



The Northern Twi League, the oldest active Twi golf league in the United States, was founded and incorporated in 1934. The original league had three 18 hole courses ( Tedesco, Salem and United Shoe) and three 9 hole courses (Bellevue, Bear Hill and Meadowbrook) as the founding charter members of the League. Because play did not start until 4 P.M., this was truly a twilight league. As many of the clubs did not have the capability to serve dinner, post match "socialites" often took place at a local restaurant. The league continued to operate in this fashion until 1942, when, because of World War II, matches were suspended until the spring of 1946.

In 1949, the league took on a new look. United Shoe Country Club made an internal decision to secede from the league and Kernwood Country Club took their place. In 1953, the league decided to expand its membership to (8) teams and Vesper Country Club under the guidance of Bill Bradley and Ollie Stevens, opted to join the league. In the middle of the 1954 season, Winchester Country Club, through the support and efforts of Gus Gay, also joined the league. A "Status Quo" fell upon the league until the late 1950's, at which time Tedesco Country Club dropped out of the league and Oakley Country Club was invited to take Tedesco's place.

In the early 1960's, Tedesco reactivated their interest and was reinstated in the league. At the same time, Charles River Country Club joined the league bringing the total membership to (10) clubs. In 1963, both Wellesley and Belmont Country Clubs expressed a strong interest to join the league and, both, were finally admitted in 1966. Wellesley's first captains were Loren Reeder, Donald Strobel and John Recco, while Belmont's captains were Mac Green, Herb Wolf son and Lou Weinberg. The 12 member league continued until 1973 when Kernwood, unable to continue in the league was dropped and Woodland Country Club was asked to take Kernwood's place. Woodland's captains at that time were Gene Lovett, Bob Sullivan and Henry Meley. For the next thirteen years, the league operated without further changes.

In 1986, under the administration of Belmont Country Club and league President Howard Rubin, both Weston Golf Club and Nashawtuc Country Club gained entrance to the league, bringing its membership to ( 14) clubs.

Weston's captains were Jim Stanton, Eric Walker and Steven Stokes, while Nashawtuc's were Dave Mullin, Robert Brown, Peter Mele and David Meade.

At the end of the 1994 season, invitations were extended to The Country Club, Brae Bum Country Club and Kernwood Country Club. Effective with the 1995 season, Kernwood Country Club rejoined the league, bringing the membership to (15). Kernwood captains were Dick Bane, Ralph Dunn, Steve Madow and Mike Steinburg.

The league continued through the 1996 and 1997 seasons with (14) teams. At the June 1997 Captain's meeting the issue of reinstating Oakley was raised and after much debate, it was put to a vote, and Oakley was reinstated for the 1998 season with a new group of Captains. They were Mike Battista, Mike Kelley, Dan McKeever and Brian Osganian. Also at the June meeting the captains were made aware that three new clubs had petitioned the league for admittance-they were Concord Country Club, Ipswich Country Club and Framingham Country Club. The three clubs were asked to make a formal request in writing to the league and it would be considered. There was some discussion regarding the impact of adding more clubs so a committee was formed to evaluate the impact. It was made up of Dave Webster, Norm Towle, Harvey Winer and Gerry Corradino. This committee reported to the assembled captains at the final meeting of 1997 and after some debate a vote was taken and Concord Country Club was admitted to the league for the 1998 season.

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